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“I just want to enter an address
and have the computer find my pre-plans...”
When you're rolling up on an incident, you want all the relevant information instantly.
ProMaps can handle the job.
You can survey all buildings and properties in your area of responsibility and save any information, pictures, sketches, site maps, electrical schematics, ventilation systems, evacuation routes and plans, contact information, notes and anything else you want to save.

When an incident occurs, ProMaps gives you instant access to all of your information with a single click.
ProMaps enables you to share data with your team, command and mutual aid support, simultaneously.
“I just want to enter an address and have the computer find my pre-plans...”
We can do that.
ProMaps is perfect for:
  • Pre-Fire Planning
  • Pre-Emergency Planning
  • Law Enforcement Planning
  • Active Shooter situations
  • Emergency medical aid
  • Security
  • Everyday operations
Any building or property in your area of responsibility can be covered.
Schools, hospitals, office buildings, industrial buildings, shopping malls, sport complexes, convention centers, hotels and more. Imagine how one-click or one-touch access to this information would help during an incident.
Find out how easy it is to get ProMaps for your agency.
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