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Did you know? ...

That virtually every first responder agency (Police, Fire, Medical, etc) does NOT have any pre-emergency plan for ANY property?

That means during an incident at the property they are working blind, without any critical or important knowledge that can help them.

They don't know important things like;
Your property layout, site map
Location of fire hydrants, risers
Location of emergency exits, evacuation plans
Location of electrical, plumbing, ventilation, etc
Location of HazMat materials

That's just amazing.
ProMaps is a cloud-based system that enables users to gather, save & instantly retrieve their pre-emergency plans with a single click.

Any information can be saved. Things like the list above, plus other documents like contact information and just about anything else. This information can be managed by either first responders (police & fire departments) or the property management people in apartment buildings, school districts, universities, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing plants and more. In fact, every property is a prospective client for ProMaps.

ProMaps is mobile friendly and can be used by multiple users at the same time.
Virtually any property can benefit from pre-emergency planning.

Police: Active Shooter and any law enforcement activity.

Fire: Incident site information.

Facility Management: Get full & complete access to all your facility's information

Business & Personal: Instant access to any data or records you need.
Our job is to reach out to potential customers, explain the ProMaps system and invite them to a free 30 day trail (fully functional). During their 30 day evaluation period we can explain real life situations and how to get the most out of the system.

ProMaps is a monthly subscription service. We store all of their data on the most highly secure cloud-based servers available.

ProMaps offers a variety of pricing packages so they can get the service they need today to protect their property and can easily upgrade anytime as their needs change.

Many potential clients are eligible for discount pricing to get them started.
If you’re interested in working with us, send your contact info and some brief info about yourself.
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