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Pre-Emergency Planning Demo
“I just want to enter an address
and have the computer find my pre-plans...”
WHY Pre-Emergency Planning?
Imagine the unimaginable ...a horrific incident at YOUR property.

Maybe a fire, active shooter, earthquate damage, whatever.

Now, imagine the first responders rolling up to your property to deal with the incident.

And none of them (police, fire, medical) has any critical or important knowledge of your property.

Things like: the property layout, fire escape routes, fire hydrants & risers, electrical locations, HVAC layout, gas locations, Hazmat locations & materials, gates, access points, security features, and on and on and on ...

The first responders are going in blind!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly and easily give them access to all of your pre-emergency planning details so they can handle the incident in a more informed way?

Well, that makes sense.

First you have to create your Pre-Emergency Plans

Next, you need to upload them someplace so you and the first responders can easily retrieve them.

And, that's exactly what we do at ProMaps.
WHO does the
Pre-Emergency Planning?
First Responders:
Police & Fire could do Pre-Emergency Planning in their area of responsibility. If they take a proactive approach they could gather up all the documents, pictures and data and save it somewhere when needed.

Property Owners:
You can take a proactive approach, too, and gather up your own documents, pictures and data and save it somewhere. Maybe the first responders in your city does this. Probably not. So then, why wait when you can easily do it yourself.

Do you feel lucky? Or, do you want to give yourself and your property an edge on protection?
Why ProMaps?
ProMaps is a cloud-based service that easily enables you to upload, store and manage all of your Pre-Emergency Planning documents, pictures and data.

You can also easily SHARE your Pre-Emergency Plans with first responders and/or any interested party.

ProMaps allows multiple users at the same time, shares the information you decide and is mobile friendly. In fact, ProMaps works on any cell phone, tablet, or deskstop pc. Everyone from the on-site personnel, to the incident commander, to HQ, and any mutual aid resources, can easily share and discuss a plan of attack to resolve the incident more efficiently and quickly.
Show me how it works
Sure. ProMaps will generate for you a special "Quick Access Code" for your properties. The first responders simply enter your code and viola, they can see all your Pre-Emergency Plans

Here's a demo. Use "Quick Access Code" ABC123 You'll see a listing of Pre-Emergency Planning documents. Click on any of them to see the details.
Quick Access
Quick Access Code
How do I get started?
Great! The first step is to realize that Pre-Emergency Planning is necessary.

Next is to sign up for our free 30 day trail so you can test drive ProMaps.

No credit card is needed.

No money is needed.

It's totally free for you to evaluate.

Sign up
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